Monday, March 7, 2011

Hiring Professional Pests Exterminators

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local qualified experienced exterminators

•You can't live with pests that destroy your home.
•Neither can you live with pests that threaten your health with disease or bites and stings.
•But you also have to feel good about the pest control measures as well.
We know this. This is why we've been a leader in developing and providing safer pest control techniques. And we've worked with various environmental and health-oriented groups and agencies to perfect our products and service.

And we share the values of a Northwest lifestyle:

•Safe & comfortable homes
•Enjoyment of the great outdoors
•Concern for the environment
•Healthy choices
Our roots are, we're proud to be in your community serving King & Snohomish Counties of Western Washington.

In short, we provide:

•Protection of health and property
•Effective, environmentally friendly service
•Personalized treatment
•Peace of mind

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