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How to Get Rid of Rats in the Crawl Space

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Rodent Decontamination & Restoration
Rodent urine, droppings and other contamination pose a health hazard that has to be remedied quickly.

If these problems appear during a home inspection, someday when your welling your home, it will be called out and require immediate remedy—if not cost you the sale of your home as many buyers back out with such news.

Decontaminate & Restoration
Your Ampm service technician dons protective gear to enter tight spaces and remove filthy debris that rodents have left behind. This work is extremely difficult and unpleasant, but you need it done and we're trained, equipped, and dedicated to do it. Often this service can include includes use of an industrial vacuum, sweeping, gathering contaminated debris, location and removal of rodent nests and even animal carcasses.

Damaged Insulation – Removal and Reinstallation
Rats destroy, compress, and contaminate the insulation in thousands of attics and crawlspaces each year in the greater Seattle area.

In crawlspaces beneath homes the insulation is tucked between floor joists just under the floor. Rodents create runways and nests up inside the gap between the insulation and your floor. When that happens the insulation becomes contaminated and matted, so in addition to the filth, the insulation can no longer hold in heat (its "R factor"). In either case Cascade technicians will remove this damaged insulation. If we're working on your crawlspace this usually includes removing the vapor barrier as well, as rodents will tear it in order to build a nest underneath. All of the contaminated material is packed out, and then an organic disinfectant and odor-treatment is applied before we install a new vapor barrier and/or new insulation.

In attics most insulation is the loose, blown-in type. Rats love living in attic insulation because it provides great nesting material and they can burrow into it as it makes them feel safe. The problem is that not only do rats leave copious amounts of droppings and urine that contaminate the attic space but their activity, body weight, and urine compress the insulation greatly, reducing its ability to keep your home warm. Attics are tough places to crawl and work, but Ampm technicians are up to the task! In these cases we often use a industrial vacuum to remove huge amounts of rodent debris, damaged loose insulation and often roofing debris. Once the contaminated insulation is removed we apply an organic disinfectant and odor-treatment, and then install fresh new energy-efficient insulation.

Disinfect & Deodorize
Rodents carry diseases and they leave filth that can create a biohazard. As part of either attic or substructure crawlspace cleanup, Ampm Pest Control applies a disinfectant to surfaces. This disinfectant can't be removed, and greatly aids in the decontamination process. It is applied as a fog that drifts into hard-to-reach areas or, when needed, as a heavier spray that penetrates deeper into the surface build-up.

The odor from rat or mouse urine, feces, and dead rodent carcasses is horrendous. The stench is always found where they've lived and sometimes it reaches into the living space of your home. A related problem is the pheromones. These are scents that attract other rats or mice. We apply a proven deodorizer to help bring your home back to the comfortable and pleasant place it should be.

Insulation Reinstallation & Structural Restoration
After removing contaminated and damaged insulation (and other damaged items), our crew professionally installs new and proper R-valued insulation in difficult to reach areas. We install insulation from within the crawl area, overhead up under the subfloor. We also set up the reaches of an attic and provide blown in, high R-value insulation. Other damaged items could be flex exhaust ducting or even heating ductwork which are fully replaced.

Note: Damaged wiring is referred to a qualified electrician

Bait should only be used outdoors, after the rats or mice have been removed from the structure and after rodent exclusion has been applied. Rats come from an existing population near your home. Because rats are territorial, as soon as we have gotten rid of the resident rats, their territory will be up for grabs - and the pheromone scent left behind will attract new rodents.Our technician can protect and maintain your perimeter and keep nearby rodents from reentering and reinfesting your home.
Many homes do not have adequate insulation for our Northwest climate. A properly insulated home will save money, save energy, and increase comfort year-round. Our trained staff has the expertise necessary to fully insulate your attic and crawlspace to the optimum r-value

Start saving money today with a crawlspace and attic that is
clean and properly insulated for our Northwest Climate.

1. Remove soiled insulation and rodent droppings.

2. Remove all debris from attic.

3. Seal all holes to keep rodents out.

4. Sanitize and deoderize with neutralizing enzyme

1. Bag and remove all soiled insulation.

2. Remove all debris from crawlspace.

3. Clean rodent droppings from all surfaces.

4. Remove old vapor barrier.

5. Seal all holes to keep rodents out.
Insulation Removal and Cleanup

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Professional exterior rodent baiting
Exterior perimeter defense against reinfestation
Childproof and petproof bait stations

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